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Some educational links for us to check out!

I’m going to need to take the time to explore these two web sites, despite my very busy lifestyle!

The first is TheTorah, A Historical and Contextual Approach. Wherein they present rational critical thinking and analysis of Jewish ancient literature – most specifically the Torah, TaNaKh, and Talmud – in a very educationally informative and emotionally revelatory and entertaining way. They takle the hard subjects with care and delicate truths, everything from competing messages between passages, who all actually wrote the “bible,” the archaeological history of Jewishness and our texts, and so much much more. This really appears worth checking out!

The – A Historical and Contextual Approach
Project TABS (Torah And Biblical Scholarship) is an educational organization founded to energize the Jewish people by integrating the study of the Torah and other Jewish texts with the disciplines and findings of academic scholarship. Project TABS is unique: As of now, there is no other Jewish website or organization dedicated to academic biblical scholarship and there are few divrei torah that incorporate critical scholarship in a constructive, religiously meaningful way.

The second is Atheist Republic. Wherein they present, again, rational critical thinking and analysis that is more focused on addressing the theology and beliefs of traditional religions general, and how to non-reactively respond to their beliefs in ways that encourage introspection. As with above, they are not focused on reactive arguments but, rather, fully focused on educating in a thoughtful and, at times, humorous way the demonstrable self-evident. This, too, appears really worth checking out!

This is the Atheist Republic.
We are not just atheists – we are atheists who care. We can’t stay silent while witnessing cruelty and injustice. We will not apologize for what we do and don’t believe. Atheist Republic provides valuable news, resources and a medium for atheists to freely express themselves in a variety of ways, including discussion forums, blogs and image macros of thought-provoking, funny or inspirational quotes.

There are two PBS shows I like to watch. If you watch them, too, you’ll understand why. Not only is the history/science accurate but, more importantly, these shows open up your awareness about life. It’ll change how you perceive this world. The PBS show featured on this page is …

How We Got To Now with Steven Johnson
Highlights the real inventors of many key modern discoveries/achievements, and how these moments spark numerous changes in society. Changes that we take for granted these days, not realizing how short a time ago life was very different. If you take the time to watch this show, you will find that it drastically changes your perspective on life with a new found awareness on how we collectively – together – got to now.

You’re fully welcome. Got some home projects to do. Will post again when I have more time.

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