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devoutly traditional secular jew

Joseph Farkasdi in traditional ethnic clothing, Irish kilt and Jewish tallit.

This page is a rolling tab of some of my publicly made expressions on a deep variety of topics. Search my other pages for more specific subjects shared in greater depth and detail.

Here’s a useful “tip” to navigating this blog site: use the Search app to search for the exact blog you came for /or/ look up your favorite subjects by keywords. There is a lot on here, and even I have to do this to refresh on what I’ve wrote. I’ve found this is the easiest approach to any online blog. The writings here are worth it!

On this blog site, I will only tell historical, scientific, religious, relationship – and so forth – demonstrable and self-evident “truths” on this page (and on all of my other pages, too), to the best that I have managed to learn about them, thus far, over the years. You may or may not want to hear it, these expressions I share here, or may not be ready for them, but this is for you to decide as the one visiting. I am only the sharer of what I have learned in a near life-time of study, and I am offering my perspective from the willingness on my part to explore openly and intellectually honestly into these subjects. If you find some things of which I express to be outrageous to your educational upbringing, then I encourage you to explore a little further and discover for yourself the demonstrable and self-evident facts that are available to us today. Note the keywords, demonstrable to all and self-evident regardless who explores, for this is the litmus test between our fictional realities of “truths” based on assumptive beliefs and objective “factual” reality which is self-evident whether you choose to believe or not. It’s important to know the difference any time one engages in study or reading for educational purposes, so that we are able to discern unquestionable fact from deeply wished for or believed in imaginative thinking. On this note, I hope you thoroughly enjoy and are, even, maybe enlightened by my expression shared here with you on this page and on my other pages.
Stay tuned … more to come!

–  Joseph T Farkasdi

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