Catalonia: A Distinct Torah Culture

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Catalonia: A Distinct Torah Culture

איש על דגלו באותות לבית אבותם (שם ב, ב). האר”י ז”ל היה אומר, כמו שיש ד’ דגלים, כך יש ד’ כתות בישראל חלוקים באיזה מנהגים, ספרד אשכנז קטלוניא אטליא, וכל אחד ישאר בדגלו לנהוג מנהגו. ואלו ואלו דברי אלקים חיים (דרך חיים תוכחות מוסר פרשת במדבר)

There is more than one way to be Jewish, more than one law to abide by, and more than one history among our people.

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Catalonia: A Distinct Torah Culture
During the time period of the Rishonim, Catalonia played an important role in the transmission of Torah. In the early years of the Rishonim, great Torah luminaries led the Sefardic Torah culture, which was centered in Muslim-controlled North Africa and southern Spain. Rabbenu Chananel, the Rif, the Ri Migash and the Rambam are some of the more well-known talmudists who flourished at this time. However, their Torah culture came to a tragic end in the beginning of the 12th century when a different sect of tribal Muslims overran North Africa and southern Spain, eventually extended their rule into central Spain. In response, many of the Jews fled northward toward northern Spain, Catalonia and southern France.

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