DNA And The Origin Of Jews

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History is messy, regardless whose history it is in this world. What is fact about Jewish history is that Jews do have BCE historical origins in the Middle East, as demonstrated by language philology, genealogy, archaeology, genetics, and written myths. Jews come in all colors and shapes from around this world. Some are ancestrally connected to the ancient BCE tribes of Israel, and some are assimilated – either religiously or civilly, but most historically by religious assimilation. Jews do not proselytize, like is required with the two pure “end-times” religions, so “conversion” to the religion of our people is a step to becoming a member of our families, thus continuing the survival of the people. Whether a Jew is 0.01% or 95.0% Ashkenazi/Sephardi/Mizrahi (European/Spanish/Middle Eastern) in genetic ancestry, if this woman/man/child is accepted as a Jew by a legitimate Jewish community, religious or secular, than he/she is a Jew, period! This is how we keep the family ethnicity alive, by adding to the family throughout the world of human beings.

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DNA and the Origin of the Jews
Is there a genetic marker for cohanim (priests)? Are Ashkenazi Jews descended from Khazars? Why is there such a close genetic connection between Samaritans and Jews, especially cohanim? A look at what genetic testing can tell us about Jews.

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