A 2700 Year Old ‘Governor of Jerusalem’ Seal Discovered

The historical and ancient presence of Jews in Jerusalem has never been in question, really. Except by those who wish to deny Jewish reality in this world. What has been in question throughout Jewish history is whether the nations and peoples around Jews are willing to allow Jews to live life in peace – without being attacked, stabbed at, and bombed at indiscriminately just for being present in this world. Jews returning to sovereign power in a democratic Israel, living in peace with Arab and Palestinian neighbors, was supposed to end the thousands of years social marginalization, ghetto life, and genocide of the Jewish people. To this date, thanks to the rise of Christianity in Europe and Islam in the Middle East, Jewish people have yet to know a generation where some Jewish community is not labeled as “demons drinking the blood of children”, “christ killers”, or engaged in a “conspiracy” to take over the goyim world.

Were Christianity and Islam not have taken root throughout the goyim world, Jews would have been a peaceful people living throughout the world, not really in need of reclaiming a state of sovereign power in the ancestral homeland. It was after Christian-based Nazism that this all changed! When the Israeli “occupation” of Palestine is brought up, consider carefully why Israel exists as a sovereign nation today, and who is actively trying to stab, bomb, and kill Israeli women and children going about their day. Facts matter! Jerusalem belongs to both the Arab and Jewish people, and both Palestine and Israel need to be prosperous nation-states living peacefully side-by-side.

Israeli archaeologists find 2,700-year-old ‘governor of Jerusalem’ seal impression
Israeli archaeologists unveiled on Monday a 2,700-year-old clay seal impression which they said belonged to a biblical governor of Jerusalem.
The artifact, inscribed in an ancient Hebrew script as “belonging to the governor of the city”, was likely attached to a shipment or sent as a souvenir on behalf of the governor, the most prominent local position held in Jerusalem at the time, the Israel Antiquities Authority said.
The impression, the size of a small coin, depicts two standing men, facing each other in a mirror-like manner and wearing striped garments reaching down to their knees. It was unearthed near the plaza of Judaism’s Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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