Etemenanki – the Real Babylonian ‘Tower of Babel’

Etemenanki Babylon – The Tower of Babel – 600 BCE

Yes, the Tower of Babel (Etemenanki) actually existed. It was a completed Ziggurat in 600 BCE Babylon housing the Temple of Marduk. It was the basis for the later written Jewish myth, written by Jews of Israel who were conquered and brought to Babylon as workers. BUT, despite how the Jewish myth is presented in our modern translations, never once does the Genesis scroll of Torah ever speak about an “earth”. Correctly translated, Genesis only speaks about a “land”, a “continent”. In their historical time, the people of the Greater Middle East and Africa only knew of one single continent existing, surrounded by water around, below, and above. A flat single-continent “earth”, to use the modern term, that was the entire world as far as they knew. It would not be until 15 CE (A.D.), when Amerigo Vespucci realized that Christopher Columbus had stumbled upon a second continent half way around the world, that writing humankind would come to realize a round global “earth” as we now understand it today. In the time of “biblical” myths, the world was a lot smaller, with numerous tribes and city-states full of languages, dialects, and cultures all competing for their historical place on one single continent of land. The land created by the gods or the god of their myths.

Secrets: Tower of Babel: SEASON 4: EPISODE 1
Inside the legendary city of Babylon in modern-day Iraq lie the remains of a vast structure, which ancient records suggest was the Tower of Babel. Is it possible that this biblical stairway to heaven actually existed? Experts think it did, and thanks to satellite technology and new discoveries, they have pinpointed exactly where the legendary tower once stood, and what it looked like. Join us as we revisit the inspiration for one of the strangest stories in the Bible, and then recreate the spectacular skyscraper in all its glory.

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Myths are useful, in that they teach us about ourselves, even though they are often not historically accurate. On this premise of teaching, though, there are some in this nation who need to see beyond their childhood teachings, and this link is yet another opportunity to learn – #alllivesmatter #inhisimage #inhislikeness .

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