Hmmm, Polygamy Is Making A Jewish Come Back In Israel!

Jan 3, 2017 | | 1 comment

No, it’s not fake news! Jewish polygamy is making a come back in Israel. Yay, Israel!!! But, wait, isn’t polygamy illegal under Israeli law? One thing that is demonstrably self-evident, though, whether it be a communal marriage, a polygamist marriage (polygyny or polyandry), or a monogamous marriage, the marriages that last and prove beneficial for all who are invested in these marriages – are the marriages that are not based on religious ideology but, rather, based on stable and happy living environments that ensure the care and attention that children need. Not so sure that this is what these religious Jews have in mind, unfortunately, being that theirs is actual a reactionary response to the numbers of children being born in Arab families within Israel and Palestine.

Polygamy approved by Israeli rabbis to counter Arab demographic threat
With backing from Jerusalem chief rabbi, “The Complete Jewish Home” helps Jewish men marry a second wife, claiming this helps single women have families, counters demographic trends
Israeli rabbis have approved the practice of polygamy to counter what they believe is a demographic threat posed by Arab populations living in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.
An expose by Channel 10, an Israeli broadcasting channel, revealed the practice was approved by the rabbinate that has actively encouraged and facilitated polygamy, claiming the practice will give Jews an edge in the demographic race against Arabs in Israel.

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In defiance of Israeli law, polygamy sanctioned by top rabbis
With apparent backing from Jerusalem chief rabbi, organization helps religious Jewish men marry a second wife, claiming this helps single women have families, counters demographic trends
Each year, a number of Israeli rabbis affiliated with the rabbinate give permission for dozens of Orthodox Jewish men to take a second wife, despite the fact that polygamy is illegal under state law, an expose by Channel 10 television revealed on Monday.
An organization catering primarily to the Jewish Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox communities actively encourages and facilitates polygamy, claiming the practice will help reduce the number of single women within their communities and at the same time give Jews an edge in the demographic race against Arabs in Israel.
On its Hebrew website, the group, called “The Complete Jewish Home” has collated responsa from rabbis over the past 800 years, which discuss whether or not polygamy is permitted in practice under Jewish law.
The organization also holds regular parlor meetings for couples looking for an extra wife to join the family, Channel 10 found. Reportedly the majority of these second wives are women who did not grow up in the Orthodox community but joined it later in life and are struggling to find a spouse.

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  1. “The military court’s decision to convict Sgt Elor Azaria on Wednesday has sharply divided opinion, with some threatening the judges online. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has backed calls for a pardon for Azaria.”

    Hate is hate, no matter what skin color, ethnicity, or religion it is packaged in. It’s still hate, and hate has consequences. By our genetics we are all human Sapiens – the most indifferent and intolerant and, thus, the most given to cruelty and violence out of all the primates species in the animal kingdom. As soon as we understand this as an incredibly intelligence and adaptable human primate species, the sooner we will elevate ourselves, individually and socially, beyond hate and toward unified compassion.

    #Israel #ElorAzaria #BenjaminNetanyahu

    Israel police arrest two over threats to judges in Elor Azaria case
    Elor Azaria was 19 when he shot Abdul Fatah al-Sharif, 21, in the head while he was lying immobile on a road in Hebron in the occupied West Bank on 24 March.
    Sharif and another 21-year-old Palestinian, Ramzi Aziz al-Qasrawi, stabbed and wounded an Israeli soldier before troops opened fire on them, wounding Sharif and killing Qasrawi.
    Footage of the scene several minutes later, filmed by a Palestinian and released by the Israeli human rights group B’Tselem, shows Sharif alive, wounded and now unarmed.
    A soldier, identified as Azaria, is then seen cocking his rifle and fatally shooting Sharif in the head from several metres away.
    The military court dismissed the soldier’s argument that the Palestinian still posed a danger because there might have been a suicide belt under his jacket.
    “One cannot use this type of force, even if we’re talking about an enemy’s life,” the court said in its verdict.

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