The United Nations Needs To Impose A Two-State Solution In Palestine

Dec 28, 2016 | | 2 comments

When the socialist Zionists got the U.N. to recognize the existence of the nation-state of Israel in 1948, they had “democracy” in mind for this restored homeland of the Jewish people. Yes, the surrounding Arab nations (did not include Palestine, because it was never a “nation,” rather a Roman and, then, British colony after the Kingdom of Israel was overthrown for the last time) did indeed try to immediately remove the existence of the State of Israel from the world map in three attempted and failed wars (ended in 1973). But, even after this, the Jewish Zionists who founded Israel did not want to keep the Palestinian lands they occupied as a result of these anti-Semitic wars (wars that came on heels of the WWII European genocide). They wanted a Two-State Solution peace. The terrorists organizations that arose in Palestine to destabilize Israel obviously did not, but they don’t speak for all Palestinian Arabs.

As well, the rise of the extreme-religious Zionist movement in Israel (the heart of the present day Likud Party), with their One-State minded solution – that equates specifically to an apartheid state that possess all the lands of Palestine as it was “in Bible times” – obviously do not want peace and resolution. Since the U.N. has already done this once already, what is so hard for the U.N. itself to clearly and forcibly establish recognized boundaries of both the Israeli nation-State and a Palestinian nation-State? Until the border boundaries have been clearly established and are being clearly enforced (by the world powers), there is no resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict! Establish the national borders, encourage the rise of democracy in both nation-States and – then – negotiate for peace between the two. This is the only way it’s going to work.

Sadly, what has been happening in Israel, with the financial help of extreme-religious Jewish and Christian American organizations, is now taking root politically in the United States of America. John Kerry is right: We must choose between a Jewish nation-State or Jewish democracy, we cannot be both. Just like we are now faced in the United States with whether we are to continue being an American democracy or allow ourselves to become the Israeli equivalent of a Christian nation in this world – that is ever at odds with Islam, Communism, and anyone else who would dare to challenge by their very existence as people the authority and “rightness” of Christian revisionist history and dominance in this world. Wake up, U.S. citizens, the religious-minded of our nation and other nations are leading us, once again, to another World War. It does not need to happen, it would disastrous for all if it did – but they believe in the apocalyptic fantasies found in a set of books written by humans, and are intent on making happen by humans hands the realization of the self-righteous foolish fantasies.

Kerry lays out parameters for peace: ‘No alternative for the two-state solution’,7340,L-4899903,00.html
The outgoing secretary of state calls for Jewish state alongside Arab state in 1967 borders, with some land swaps, and Jerusalem as the international capital of both nations; in farewell speech on the topic, Kerry also slams settlement construction and defends administration’s decision not to veto anti-settlements resolution.

One, “create a secure and recognized border between Israel and a contiguous Palestine along the 1967 lines, with “mutually agreed, equivalent (land) swaps.”… A Jewish state and an Arab state, with full and equal rights for all citizens.”

Two, “provide a just and fair solution to the Palestinian refugees issues, including compensation, which is consistent with the idea of two states for two peoples.”

Three, “reach an agreed resolution for Jerusalem as the international, recognized capital of the two states. “The solution will have to meet the needs not only of the parties, but of all three monotheistic religions,” Kerry said.”

Four, “a peace accord between the two sides must bring to a full end to the occupation while ensuring that Israel can defend itself effectively and Palestine could protect its people.”

Five, “the sides msut end the conflict and all outstanding claims, enabling all normal relations.”

And … Six, the religious Zionist right of Israel needs to stop crying and whining about how they’re being persecuted – just like the Christians in the United States need to stop whining and complaining about the same. You cannot be the persecuted and under oppression when you are the dominant power that been doing the oppressing all these years! Religion is the source of all evil, evil made at the hands of human Sapiens on this planet. The founders of Israel and of the United States both wanted one thing: Peace by way of sovereign democratic liberty and justice for all our people!

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  1. Here is the reason religious and secular Jews do not accept the anti-Jewish bias of Christians and Muslims in the world, and why we react in opposition to criticisms made about our people.

    “The rift between Jews and Muslim Arabs did not begin in 1948, or following mass migrations of Jews from pogrom-ridden Eastern Europe to then Palestine in the early twentieth-century. It began well over 1,300 years ago, a byproduct of Christian anti-Semitism that had by then been dispensed far and wide by the spread of the “Good News.”…

    In the final analysis, the term “Judeo-Christian” is nothing less than a blatant coup d’état, a forced misappropriation onto the face of a new religion of what rightfully belongs to a much older one. The term “Judeo-Christian” is therefore not only an oxymoron, it is outright sacrilegious, a dishonor to the millions of Jews who were tortured or killed for their refusal to convert to Christianity, and, by association, wrongfully links the Jewish people and its ancient scriptures as accomplices to centuries of Christian slaughter and oppression of other indigenous peoples as well via Christianity’s sorely misguided and misapplied interpretation of the “Old Testament.”…

    The crime of the Jews against the world remained on record: refusal to submit to the religious and cultural mindsets of colonizing powers. To this generic charge of antiquity was later added the charge of murdering the Christian god incarnate (of murdering a god-in-flesh), even persecuting the followers of the crucified Christian deity. Yet, it remains a puzzling question for those familiar with Jewish history and theology as to exactly why the Jews would have wanted Jesus dead, let alone arrested, and exactly where Paul got this wild notion of having had a job persecuting Christians? And employed to do so by the Pharisees, yet! — a sect of Jews whose beliefs and practices paralleled those of Jesus to the letter!”

    The reason for Jewish Zionism has always been to protect our people from exactly this anti-Semitic bias and hatred of Jewish people throughout this world. Whether it be the originating socialist Jewish Zionism that gave rebirth to Israel in 1948 as a nation-State or whether it be the present religious Jewish Zionism of the ultra-right that has taken power over Israel in government and is intent on a one-state solution, the heart of what drives Zionism in Jewish people is the need and desire to escape further persecution by Christians and Muslims within this world.

    A Taste of Gershon’s new book:
    The Judeo-Christian Fiction
    Sparing no one in their diatribes against the Jews, the Gospel writers lumped all of the Jews of Judea into a single cauldron of evil-doers obsessed with bringing down Jesus and his following. As a result, the entire Jewish people were portrayed as a morally sick nation onto whom the persecution, torture, and death of Jesus could then easily be attributed. What is curious about all this, is: if the Jews were so hell-bent on destroying Jesus because of his teachings, what stopped them from going after his followers? How is it that after the crucifixion Jesus’ followers continued to thrive in Judea side-by-side with the rest of the Jewish population? From the year 30 C.E. to 70 C.E., the followers of Jesus in Judea—known then not as “Christians” but as “Followers of the Way”— worshiped and otherwise interacted with their traditional Jewish brothers and sisters without incident and absent any conflict whatsoever.

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  2. “Now, I want to stress this point: We fully respect Israel’s profound historic and religious ties to the city and to its holy sites. We’ve never questioned that. This resolution in no manner prejudges the outcome of permanent status negotiations on East Jerusalem, which must, of course, reflect those historic ties and the realities on the ground. That’s our position. We still support it.” – John Kerry to Benjamin Netanyahu on the position of the United States in regards to the United Nations resolution that insists upon a two-state solution, despite the desire of Israel’s religious-right to annex all the West Bank and create a one-state Jewish only state in Palestine.

    Until the world powers that make up the United Nations create for the Palestinians and Israelis the official declared boundaries and recognition of two states, there will not be peace in Palestine/Israel. The nation-State boundaries must be determined and enforced, first, if negotiations towards peace is ever to have a fruitful chance!

    Mideast conference has an urgent message for Trump
    The joint communique incorporated references to previous blueprints for peace talks, including last month’s U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Jewish settlement activity in the West Bank and incitement and terrorism that Palestinians have been accused of fomenting. It also commended Kerry’s speech two weeks ago laying out principles for negotiations to resolve the seven-decade-old conflict.
    U.S. officials believe the diplomatically worded “welcome” for these previous initiatives amounted to an implicit acknowledgment by the Arab nations that Israel will be a Jewish state and that a million or more Palestinians who have demanded the right of return to Israel will never come back. None of that was mentioned explicitly, so it is unclear whether the Arab governments will be able to speak to their publics about such emotional and deep-seated issues.
    Kerry told reporters traveling with him that the communique issued by 70 countries showed that Arab states are ready to engage with Israel if the Palestinian issue is settled.

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