If You’ve Ever Worried About Being Gay And Jewish …

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For anyone and for everyone whose had issues with modern religion having issues with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered individuals within our midst (the LGBTQ community), let it be known clearly that Torah and, more generally, the TaNaKh does not have an issue with homosexuality as an orientation or a lifestyle. This is a teaching imposed upon these ancient collection of writings by modern religion itself. These writings used to justify modern religious homophobia do not even address the issue of modern same-sex marriage. And the fact that we are still having this discussion at this point in humanity’s intellectual development and greater awareness of this world – just how it actually works – is just very sad to me. So, let’s address it, factually and clearly, since gayness in Jewish lifestyle continues to be a needless sore point of discussion within our Jewish communities.

When read in the Hebrew, the two near identical passages on the same prohibition in Leviticus clearly states that a male is not to lie down in the lyings of a woman (plural). There is no context with the law section itself as to what these forms of sex are. The ancient Talmud of the Rabbis, our codification of legal rulings, clearly states that it is *two* specific acts being reference in this prohibition. But, the Talmud reveals that the Rabbis don’t know for sure what the two are, and to this day Rabbis are still arguing over it. But, when you look at the prohibition in context with the rest of the TaNakh a pattern becomes clear. The two acts in this prohibition are abominable. There are two acts of behavior that are also stressed as abominable throughout the TaNaKh, that of male rape and ritual prostitution. It’s not really that hard to make the connection. But, then, modern religions that use these texts out of context would lose one of their opportunities to demonize some folk. Did this help?

For further study into this, please take a look at the following two links. First one is my essay on the subject – http://www.aniyostsef.com/jewish/gay-jews-and-same-sex-marriage-dont-you-know-torah-actually-supports-this/ . The second one is Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill’s recent take on it – http://www.our-times.org/jewish-rabbi-looks-at-the-bibles-viewpoint-on-homosexuality-part-1.html . He’s the academic certified scholar. I’m just a critical observant thinker. 🙂 Have a great week!

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  1. The Rabbis can’t even agree as to what are the two specific male-on-male sexual behaviors that is prohibited in the “Bible,” and it was the Rabbinical scribes that redacted the many ancient scrolls together into this one book (200 BCE time frame). But, all agree that, before the fall of Israel to the Roman Empire, this (twice rendered) prohibition in Va’yikra (Leviticus) only applies to Jewish males that are, specifically, citizens within the Kingdom of Israel. Lesbian sexual behavior has never been prohibited by the “Bible.” But, modern CE (A.D.) religions based on reinterpreted understanding of these ancient writings have decided that homosexuality itself is an evil “sin,” and thus a whole lot of humans are needlessly and shamefully persecuted in some imagined god’s name. But, what do I know? I was only taught to read the source on its own terms, and to question the modern hermeneutics. (There are still a lot of religious Jewish congregations that teach the same exegesis, so I’m not singling Christians out on this one.)

    Megachurch letter disfellowshipping gay member, creates controversy
    It called his same sex relationship a “destructive pattern,” cited his “unwillingness to heed biblical counsel” and said that he was “No longer a member of our body at Watermark.” while saying that they “lovingly, but firmly, call you back to repentance.”

    #Christianity #Judaism #Homosexuality

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