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The Collective Cellular Awareness That Makes The Conscious You and I

Jul 23, 2015 | | Say something

When we step back for a moment and take an outside observation of our life, it is not hard to see some self-evident developments. It is not the normal for us to do this, though. Because, once we have developed a personality as a young child and associated our self to the name given to […more]

Some Matter Of Fact Things I’ve Learned About Life

Jul 15, 2015 | | Say something

Some things I’ve learned about life (late night rumblings of the mind): You cannot escape or transform beyond the inherent nature that is you, for it is this inherent nature that makes you who you are. You are a body with mind, what some call spirit, having and defined by experiences, whether you choose to […more]

Were Adam and Eve the First Two Humans? Are You So Sure?

I just love it when somebody asks the obvious “questioning” theological question! The question: “The Bible says Adam and Eve were the first two humans and bore Cain and Abel, after which Cain slew Abel. It then says Cain went to live among the people in the land of Nod. Where did the people in […more]

Marriage 101, The Historical History of Human Marriage Arrangements

[ I wrote this Marriage 101 – The History of Marriage around ten years ago, had moved on from the blog site I’d posted it on, forgot completely about it, then stumbled back upon it. Felt it is still worth sharing here on my present blog site, in light of recent historical events. Enjoy and […more]