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a jew in a suit and tie

Joseph T Farkasdi in (yes, actually) a tailored suit and tie! I know, right?

This page is a rolling tab of some of my publicly made expressions on a deep variety of topics. Search my other pages for more specific subjects shared in greater depth and detail.

Here’s a useful “tip” to navigating this blog site: use the Search app to search for the exact blog you came for /or/ look up your favorite subjects by keywords. There is a lot on here, and even I have to do this to refresh on what I’ve wrote. I’ve found this is the easiest approach to any online blog. The writings here are worth it!

“You know you’ve made a real impact on life, on the social world around you, when there is absolute silence as a response. The greatest expressions do not get acknowledge in their time. Instead, the impact of these words are felt in the generations to come that recognize the depth of them and learn from them. Observant ones, the visionaries of what could be, based on what really is, are often around a step ahead of their time. They are the ones that suffer in mind for the sake of a birth of a better tomorrow. Not being complacent is a gift, and worthy of its struggle. I refuse to ever conceal my deep expressions, to hide behind the garments and closets of social conformity. The world of humanity needs to wake up too badly for this compromise!” – Joseph T Farkasdi. Yes, I wrote this, and I honor all who dare to stand opposed, to stand for reason and hope. For all those who are willing to stand for and make a real and lasting difference! Silence means you’ve spoken the uncomfortable truth that people are not yet quite ready for.… I do need to eventually learn to have someone else spell-check, before I post, though. So, if there are still yet any more typos on any of my pages, I apologize in advance. Enjoy reading!

Stay tuned … more to come!

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