Is Abbas and Trump cut from the same mold? I wonder!

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Uh, no, Abbas. Facts matter! The Lebanese people are the modern descendants of the Canaanites! Palestinian Arabs, like Jews and like Americans, are a mixture of many ethnicities. And, Jews have been actively living in Israel for over 2,900 years now.

!עבאס, מילה אחת: אידיוט

The Palestinian Arabs will not know peace and prosperity so long as their leaders are victimizing them with anti-Semitic ahistorical lies. Lies do not make facts go away! They only incite hatred and prevent justice from happening. Jews are not the reason the Palestinian Territories is not a nation-state. But, like in all Christian and Muslim countries, Jews are the go-to to blame for one’s own troubles.

Palestinian Jewish families have been living in Israel for over 2,900 years. Diaspora Jews returned to Israel in the 1940’s, specifically those fleeing Nazi genocide in Europe. Since the 1950’s, Palestinian Jews with Jews from various Middle East, European, African, and Asian countries have since been living in Israel together. But, the Palestinian Jews never left, and never had a need to return.

Islamic hatred for Jews in Palestine does not end the Jewish presence in our homeland, anymore than Adolph Hitler’s hatred for Jews in Europe ended the Jewish presence in Europe. Like Trump, Abbas seeks to divide and incite violence, targeting an ethnic minority and/or a religion to further his hatred of others. Others who have a right to be in the land, and to have peaceful self-autonomy.

Palestinian Arabs could have already had and can have the same, we’re it not for the religion-based anti-Semitic lies and hatred getting in the way of achieving a two-state peaceful solution. The present actions of the Israeli Likud political party may be indeed be wrong. But, let’s face it, the violence towards and hatred of Israel began way before their rise to power.

The hate and violence towards Israel and towards all Jews in Israel, America, and Europe first has to stop! Unless that is, Abbas, it is really your intention to continue Adolph Hitler’s genocide campaign against the Jewish people. We are not demons who drink the blood of children, as Muslim and Christian extremists proclaim, adding to the historical flames of Nazi Germany. Try making real peace for a change!

Proselytizing Christianity and Islamic anti-Semitism have been the most prevalent scourge upon this planet in the modern era, and Jews are still the number one target of this religion-based hatred. And, Abbas, you might want to take a genetic test, you might just be surprised who you really are and where all you really come from. It is the modern day indigenous Lebanese people who are the present day descendants of the ancient Canaanites – from whom the Jews came from, historically.

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Abbas rips into Trump: Palestinians are original Canaanites, were in Jerusalem before the Jews
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas lashed out on Wednesday at U.S. President Donald Trump over his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In Cairo, Abbas also said that the Palestinians were the “original Canaanites” and were in Jerusalem from before the Jews.
“Every American administration has cursed its predecessor and promised something new but nothing came of it,” the Palestinain president said at summit on Jerusalem at Cairo’s Al-Azhar university, the 1,000-year-old seat of Sunni Muslim learning. “How can we have faith that the super-power would be a mediator between us and the Israelis?” he asked.
“Every American administration has cursed its predecessor and promised something new but nothing came of it,” the Palestinain president said at summit on Jerusalem at Cairo’s Al-Azhar university, the 1,000-year-old seat of Sunni Muslim learning. “How can we have faith that the super-power would be a mediator between us and the Israelis?” he asked.
Abbas said that the Palestinians are the “original Canaanites” and that they were in Jerusalem from before the Jews, a claim he also voiced in his landmark speech a few days ago in which he said that the “Oslo accords are dead.” In a speech on Sunday, Abbas said that “any future negotiations will take place only within the context of the international community, by an international committee created in the framework of an international conference. Allow me to be clear: We will not accept America leadership of a political process involving negotiations.”

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  1. Congratulations, United States of America, your Republican controlled House, Senate, and Executive branch have shut the U.S. government down! This is Mitch McConnell’s second (*2nd*) U.S. government shut down in four (*4*) years!

    #maga and whitely #inhisimage by trying to use Dreamers and children’s healthcare as bargaining chips to get Americans to pay for and build a physical wall across our Southern border.

    Now, let the blaming of Democrats begin! Time to fire every last one of them – Republicans and Democrats! It’s time for #TermLimits for Congress! It’s time to elect more *women* to Congress! It’s time for new more reasonable faces running our U.S. government!!!

  2. Why must we reclaim the bible at all? Especially, if we are non-religious or non-theistic? 13,000 years ago humans living in North America literally watched with their eyes the destruction caused by an asteroid hitting our planet. We know this because we have dug up the burnt bones. This was 10,000 years before humans living in the Middle East conceived of and wrote down the legendary myths and laws that would eventually become part of “the Bible” of our modern times. Think about this for a moment, and let this really sink in. … Now, read what this educated scholar of “the Bible” has to say about it:

    “In the world of Christian scholarship,… to read the Bible literally is regarded as absurd. To call the words of the Bible “the Word of God” is more than naïve. No modern person can still believe that a star can wander through the sky so slowly that wise men can keep up with it, that God actually dictated the Ten Commandments — all three versions, no less — or that a multitude can be fed with five loaves and two fish. No modern person understanding genetics and reproduction can believe that virgins conceive, nor can those who understand what death does to the human body in a matter of just minutes still view the resurrection as the resuscitation of a deceased body after three days. Biblical scholars know that the accounts of the crucifixion read in Christian churches on Good Friday are not eye witness reports, but developed interpretations of Jesus’ death based on a series of Old Testament texts selected to convince fellow Jews that Jesus “fulfilled the scriptures” and thus really was the “messiah.” These issues and many others are assumed in the world of biblical scholars, but are viewed by many church-goers, together with the vast majority of television evangelists and radio preachers, as attacks on divine revelation that must be resisted in order to save Christianity. They thus, knowingly or unknowingly, join in a conspiracy of silence, ignoring truth when they feel they can and viewing biblical scholars, strangely enough, as the church’s ultimate enemy.”

    It is no secret that I abhor Christianity and Islam, the only “true” religions on the planet that – inherently by design – are “end-time” prophecy and proselytizing oriented in nature, for these religions’ literalist fundamentalist -minded believers. Believers that invoke upon the world of humans the very sins they rail most against! And I do wonder if these two religions can even be actually saved from the bible-thumping fundamentalist viewpoint, for this very reason. If it were really possible for all Jews, Christians, and Muslims to understand that their spiritual books are literature only, containing deeply spiritual insight, and not meant to be taken literally, then I would have appreciation for what is presently the *two worst religions* upon the face of this planet today. If only Christians and Muslims could be so scholarly aware of the history and nature of their respective “holy” book, that is – which I doubt these religious believers actually can. They will continue to persecute in the name of their “God” and their fundamentalist beliefs, until Christianity and Islam is eliminated completely from the social scene of humans upon this planet, very unfortunately.

    Why We Must Reclaim The Bible From Fundamentalists
    The contrast between the way the Bible is understood in the academic world and the way it is viewed in our churches is striking. In academia I discovered that issues and insights, commonplace among the scholars, are viewed as highly controversial and even as “heresy” in the churches. The result has been that the majority of people who have remained in the church have become more and more rigid and fundamentalist, while those who have left have become more and more dismissive of everything, good or bad, about Christianity.

    #maga and whitely #inhisimage #inhislikeness through fundamentalist taught false history about our nation’s founding and the goodness of living #underhiseye – I think not!

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