The Reflective Nature Of Life

Jan 10, 2018 | | 4 comments

“There is, however, a way in which the “free choices” of probing actions can produce intentional control over the behavior of the system being observed. This control is brought about by a focusing of attention that activates the quantum Zeno effect.”

We do not create reality with our thoughts. This is just wishful thinking. But, we do determine the reality that is already around us and is us by our intentional observation of reality. From here we can, then, act and be a contributing creative part of the process already unfolding. This ‘now’, the space-time reality, is bigger than individual or, even, collective us. We are the water molecule in the whirlpool momentarily aware of its existence, before being reabsorbed into the ocean of life.

#TuringParadox Take out the human ‘his’ in #inhisimage and suddenly reality makes much more sense!


“Qubits are tremendously fragile: Any noise or unintended observation of them can cause data loss. This fragility requires them to operate at about 20 millikelvin – 250 times colder than deep space.” – Intel

Yes, that whole observation thing is a b…., isn’t it? 🙂 Eventually, science will figure it out, and we’ll have Data androids walking around learning how to be human. Maybe, in the 23rd century, if we don’t destroy our world before then!

Intel Unveils ‘Breakthrough’ Quantum Computer
Quantum computers are extremely different from standard (classical) computers, and can tackle problems modern classical machines can’t handle. The reason increasing the number of qubits in the system is important is because it also allows for a significant amount of additional work to be done and for more complex problems to be considered. And according to Intel, the gap between where we are today and where the company thinks we need to be for commercialization of quantum computing is enormous.

#Qubits #TangleLake


Unless it is your desire to be hateful and self-righteous in your pious religiosity, then stop listening to your teachers and preachers interpretations of the “Bible”. Actually take the time and make the effort yourself to read the “Bible” on its own terms! Go read and study it for yourself. Or, do one better. Recognize that this book is a product of ancient thinking, and not representative of modern enlightenment. And, let it go! Why not, instead, treat people as you would want them to treat you – with sanctity, dignity, and respect?

Instead of demonizing other people’s behaviors, simply just be the example of behavior yourself that you would want other people to emulate. Trying to force “right” behavior is inherently itself “wrong” behavior! It only generates hate, misery, oppression, and lost lives. With the amount of history recorded and available to learn from, it is rather sad that the human species has yet to learn this simple social lesson.

For those all into being #inhisimage #inhislikeness, ask yourself honestly if “God” really approves of being in your image. Just how do you think oppressive beliefs and behaviors are going to #maga – really?!

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  1. “אַז מען עסט חזיר, זאָל עס שוין רינען איבערן מויל”
    “If you’re going to eat pork, it should run over your mouth.”

    Treif Banquet? Ooooh, lah lah!!! American Jews! 🙂 1883, huh? Didn’t know this one, but I suspect that the Yiddish saying didn’t quite have this in mind (if you’re going to violate halakhah, do it in private and relish it!). Judaism is a constant wrestling with shameless committed transgressions!

    Pulled Pork Kugel and other transgressive traditions from the ultimate treif banquet
    The original Trefa Banquet was an 1883 event at which leaders of the early American Reform movement made a bold, antagonistic statement by serving nonkosher dishes to commemorate the ordination of the first graduating class of Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. As the story is often told, a group of rabbis stormed out in protest and ran off to start the Conservative movement.
    Yet the historical evidence points to a different origin of the Conservative movement: the Reform movement’s 1885 Pittsburgh Platform, in which, among other things, they renounced kashrut as an archaic practice, “entirely foreign to our present mental and spiritual state.” The following year, the Conservative movement’s flagship body, the Jewish Theological Seminary, was founded. But the legend of the Trefa Banquet makes for a terrific story.

    #Judaism #TrefaBanquet #SHJ

  2. Does anybody else see the white demonic angel in a blue suit that stands with a tight-lipped smile behind the 45th president of the United States, our nation’s first illegitimately-elected white supremacist president? He’s there slightly to the side behind the president during televised news conferences. Am I the only one? Is anybody else seeing him?!

    #maga and #inhisimage may not be such a good idea, folks!

    This nation is in trouble when the forces of darkness are standing all around Trump, encouraging and protecting him, and allowing themselves to be seen doing so. He is not a god or a savior of any kind, and neither are the demonic beings surrounding and guiding him. The people of this nation only need see, to see them for who and what they are, and their power to influence this nation is fully lost.

    Thomas Jefferson, “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.” – in a letter to Horatio G. Spafford, March 17, 1814

  3. An online friend wrote this. Shared with permission.

    “For all intents and purposes, Trump might as well step out today and say:

    “I have a dream that ‘sh*thole countries’ will find a new destination, and Norwegians will give up their healthcare for the grandeur of the American White privilege that so many of us Roy Moore supporters love yet deny having!

    I have a dream that one day White Americans will be able to stand hand in hand with other White Americans, those that can pass a paper bag test and pose as White Americans, Steve Bannon White Americans, and top 1% White Americans without the stain of sh*thole countries, Black Presidents, Kenyan birth certificates, Mexican rapists, evil Muslims, kneeling athletes, CNN, the popular vote, climate change, DACA dreamers, coal haters, and other undesirables.

    Free of sh*tholes at last, free of sh*tholes at last, thank Trump almighty we are free of sh*tholes at last!

    God bless America, and God bless Fox News, and God bless Roy Moore!”

    And don’t fool yourself, if he did say all of that, it would only rally his base —- RALLY HIS BASE!”

    #maga and #inhisimage, meaning white and Christian.

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