Our Human Fictional Social Orders Are Our Undoing!

Jan 5, 2018 | | 2 comments

כל אדם נולד לתוך סדר מדומיין קיים, ורצונותיו מתעצבים מרגע היוולדו על ידי המיתוסים המכוננים של הסדר הזה. כך למשל היום הרצונות היקרים ביותר ללבנו מעוצבים על ידי מיתוסים רומנטיים, לאומיים, קפיטליסטיים והומניסטיים שהחלו להיווצר לפני למעלה ממאתיים שנה

יובל נח הררי, היסטוריון ישראלי

“Do you want half of Africa coming here? Sorry to say this, but for us [Yehuda Kimani Njogu] is a goy from Kenya.” – Amos Arbel, Interior Ministry’s Population director.
“I am sorry, but there is no other word to describe this but racism!” – Yael Cohen Paran, Zionist Union.

Imagine a Jew having to religiously “convert” to a European version of Judaism in order to be recognized in Israel as the Jew that he already is – and, then, is deported upon entry, all because his skin is brown in color. Welcome to Netanyahu’s religious-right Israel. Racism in all forms is despicable! And European Jews – of all Jewish people – should know this! Not to mention that the majority of Jews in Israel are Hiloni (Secular), but the religious-right in government requires there to be a religious test applied in order to receive a visa or immigrate.

“To date, Israel has yet to recognize the Abayudaya, the community to which Kimani belongs and which is based in Uganda, as Jewish. They are, however, recognized as Jewish by the Jewish Agency.”

Israel Deports African Jew With Valid Visa Hours After Landing at Ben-Gurion Airport
The Ministry of Interior cites concerns that 31-year-old convert
Francis Kimani (“Yehuda”) Njogu, a 31-year-old citizen of Kenya, was turned away even though he had a valid three-month tourist visa to Israel, signed by Israel’s ambassador in Nairobi Noah Gal Gendler.

#Abayudaya #Israel #Racism is wrong!

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  1. Interesting article. But, Israel belongs to Arabs and Jews, regardless what religion they practice or don’t practice. Israel does not belong to Christians and Muslims. Christianity and Islam are religious ideologies only, not an ethnicity with historical ties to this ancient land. But, Israel does belong to Arabs and Jews , and to the generational descendants of Europeans, Africans, Hispanics, and Asians who immigrated to these lands – regardless what religion they practice, if any.

    #Israel #Jerusalem is not #inhisimage in the Christian sense, and it shouldn’t be in the #Likud image, either – lest Israel be a separatist nation that is #underhiseye.

    Opinion – Christians are at risk of being driven out of the Holy Land – Patriarch Theophilos III
    Christians have lived a history in the Holy Land that spans more than two millennia. We have survived countless invasions, and have flourished under many different forms of government. We know that our survival has depended on the principle that the holy places must be shared by and be accessible to all. For it is the holy places that have given meaning to the region for both inhabitants and conquerors of all faiths. The protection and accessibility of the holy places are understood through a set of rules called the “status quo”, which has been followed by all religious and governmental authorities of the region through the ages.

    I agree with the statement, so long as we remember that Christianity and Islam are totally and simply religious theologies, and it is the people that practice Christianity, Islam, and Judaism that have lived “a history in the Holy Land”. Facts are in the details, and facts matter! Especially, if we want to end the Holy Wars being waged in this part of the Middle East!

  2. Consul Jan Zwartendijk redde meer dan 2000 Joden het leven met Japanse collega Chiune Sugihara tussen 24 juli en 3 augustus 1940.

    “Listen to me,” Efraim Zuroff told me in his Brooklyn accent, “there would’ve been no Jewish refugees in Japan if it weren’t for Jan Zwartendijk. He started the whole thing. Without him, (Chiune) Sugihara could never have given visas. Zwartendijk deserves a lot more credit than he got. His role was absolutely crucial, every bit as that of Sugihara, who is far better known.” Before Chiune Sugihara gave them transit visas, Zwartendijk (Dutch businessman and diplomat) gave the same Jewish refugees destination visas to Curacao, then a Caribbean island colony of the Netherlands. – Efraim Zuroff, a Holocaust historian affiliated with the Simon Wiesenthal Center who wrote about Sugihara in his doctoral thesis.

    #JanZwartendijk #ChiuneSugihara #EfraimZuroff

    The unsung Dutch hero behind Sugihara’s rescue of Jews
    At the very end of my tour of the exhibit, I noticed a poster about other life-saving diplomats. It mentioned, in exactly 50 words, a Dutch businessman and diplomat named Jan Zwartendijk. Zwartendijk served in Kaunas as consul at the same time that Sugihara was there to represent Imperial Japan. Largely eclipsed by his Japanese counterpart, Zwartendijk was the initiator and chief facilitator of the rescue associated with Sugihara. And unlike Sugihara, Zwartendijk risked his own life, as well as those of his wife and their three small children. According to the enigmatic text on the poster, Zwartendijk gave “Jewish refugees quasi-visas,” which together with the ones issued by Sugihara allowed them to escape. Feeling more confused than educated, I called Efraim Zuroff, a Holocaust historian affiliated with the Simon Wiesenthal Center who wrote about Sugihara in his doctoral thesis.

    Jan Zwartendijk, de engel van Litouwen
    Het is altijd een onbekend verhaal gebleven: de miraculeuze redding van zo’n 2300 Joden in de zomer van 1940 in de Litouwse hoofdstad Kaunas. Philips-medewerker Jan Zwartendijk was opeens tot honorair-consul gepromoveerd en wist in een listig samenspel met zijn Japanse collega Chiune Sugihara tussen 24 juli en 3 augustus 1940 2345 in feite valse uitreisvisa voor Curaçao of Suriname uit te schrijven voor Joden die op het punt stonden door de nazi’s gegrepen te worden. Deel 2 van een uniek oorlogsverhaal.

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