Let That Bible Interpretation Nonsense Go!

Dec 31, 2017 | | 3 comments

Let’s get something very clear, folks:

In “biblical times” women were property – the property of males to marry off in exchange for money, family alliances, and for the purpose of bearing children to men. Polygyny, a man marrying as many women as he desires and can afford, was the social norm back then. As such, lesbianism was *not* a legal or moral issue, and was also an understandable norm. This is why there is simply no prohibition of any kind regarding women having sex with each other. Now, read further, please…

In the Jewish “Bible”, which is an edited compilation of our many ancient scrolls of myths and laws – our literature, the only same-sex prohibition in there has to do specifically with *males having sex with males*. The males who are seeking sex with males are presumed heterosexual by the “biblical” writers, and it is only a specific set of intimate behaviors between males that mimic *the “lyings” of woman* that are prohibited. For clarification, the “lyings of woman” means the ways a man has sex with a woman.

Homosexuality itself, an orientation, is not an issue, was never addressed, and is simply not prohibited in “the Bible”! It never has been. That is until modern religion, looking to demonize a group as sinful and the reason for societal ills, decided to interpret “Bible” passages this way – that homosexuality itself, the orientation and its many behavioral forms, is an abomination unto “God”.

Modern religion commits the gravest sin, by adding to the “Bible” what is not there. And, in doing so, oppresses and persecutes the innocent and vulnerable among us. According to Torah, the Jewish “Bible”, this extreme inhospitality towards others is the gravest of sins against “God”, and is the very reason for the fire from the heavens destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Unless it is your desire to be hateful and self-righteous in your pious religiosity, then stop listening to your teachers and preachers interpretations of the “Bible”. Actually take the time and make the effort yourself to read the “Bible” on its own terms! Go read and study it for yourself. Or, do one better. Recognize that this book is a product of ancient thinking, and not representative of modern enlightenment. And, let it go! Why not, instead, treat people as you would want them to treat you – with sanctity, dignity, and respect?

Instead of demonizing other people’s behaviors, simply just be the example of behavior yourself that you would want other people to emulate. Trying to force “right” behavior is inherently itself “wrong” behavior! It only generates hate, misery, oppression, and lost lives. With the amount of history recorded and available to learn from, it is rather sad that the human species has yet to learn this simple social lesson.

For those all into being #inhisimage #inhislikeness, ask yourself honestly if “God” really approves of being in your image. Just how do you think oppressive beliefs and behaviors are going to #maga – really?!

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  1. It is the 13th of Tevet 5778 … Opps, it is now the 14th of Tevet 5778.

    Thought some would like this. Technically,… it was the new day several hours ago at sun down, according to religious Jews, and it won’t be the new day until sun up, according to our ancient ancestral Jews. So, since there is always different opinions (and different ways of experiencing the world), this seemed to be the perfect time to recognize the transition of days (and the goyim calendar at the same time).

  2. Anyone who is not a “political enemy” of this illegitimately elected 45th president is a fool. Anyone not upset that Congress is protecting this illegitimately elected 45th president so they can continue to force their self-enriching agendas upon the people of the United States is a fool. This is a dangerous time in U.S. democracy – the time we decide as country whether to have an educated electorate or not, and whether we choose to live by constitutional rule of law or not.

    The Trumps, Bannons, Moores, Pences, Ryans, Nunes, and McConnells of this country want a government in their image, and don’t give a damn what people of this nation overwhelming demand. The only solution is to vote out *every* incumbent presently in the House and Senate, all new faces, and #TermLimits on Congress. This way, maybe elective representatives will spend more time fulfilling the agendas of the people – over their own and over their party’s.

    #MAGA is a joke, if it is about authoritarianism, evangelicalism, and white nationalism. Which is presently all it is about!
    For those all into being #inhisimage #inhislikeness, ask yourself honestly if “God” really approves of being in your image.

    I’ll say it again: The only solution to fixing a government no longer listening to the people is to vote out *every* incumbent presently in the House and Senate, all new faces, and #TermLimits on Congress. This way, maybe elective representatives will spend more time fulfilling the agendas of the people – over their own and over their party’s.

  3. “I don’t think Islam is as bad as Nazism. I think Islam is worse than Nazism,” says Armin Navabi, Founder of Atheist Republic. “First of all they tell me “you can’t even compare them since they’re apples and oranges. They’re not in the same category.” To that I respond, they’re both ideologies. When I compare Christianity with Islam, nobody says anything. When I compare Communism with Nazism, nobody says anything. But when I compare Islam with Nazism, everybody loses their mind… To be fair, I think most Nazis are way worse than most Muslims. Most Muslims are great people. And this is the problem with Islam. The problem with Islam is that it does better job taking advantage of good people to sell its evil. Nazism doesn’t have the sugarcoating required for you to take advantage of enough good people for it to spread enough… Religions like Islam and Christianity are destructive, but they also come with these sweet (simplistic morality) messages like “Love thy neighbor”, “Take care of the poor”, “Be kind to your parents”, “Take care of the elderly”. Stuff that people already did and would have done without religion.”

    “If I have a poison pill that is sugar coated and doesn’t kill you right away, then it’s easier for me to start selling this poison and spread it far and wide,” says Armin Navabi. “I think that’s the genius of Christianity and Islam… Being anti-Islam is being pro-Muslim because the main victims of Islam are Muslims… [And the same must be said for Christianity.] The best way to fight Islam [and Christianity] is to reach out to Muslims [and Christians]. And the best way to reach out to Muslims [and Christians] is to befriend Muslims [Christians]. Trying to convince Westerners and non-Muslim Westerners that are afraid, that’s not going to stop anything because this is an ideology and it will continue spreading unless you talk to the people that believe it.”

    Islam Versus Nazism
    I recently spoke with Armin Navabi, a former Muslim from Iran and the founder of Atheist Republic, an organization with millions of followers worldwide and best-selling author of “Why There Is No God: Simple Responses to 20 Common Arguments for the Existence of God”. We talk about his opinion on the topic Islam versus Nazism, the reason why both can’t be compared, and his message to Muslims.

    #MAGA requires returning to the understanding that this is a secular-born constitutional nation, not a bible-based Christian nation, and returning to the understanding that separation of church and state is the only way to preserve a democratic way of life. So what, the majority of Christians and Muslims are not chopping off heads these days – some still are, and these respective bibles definitely allow for it, in fact encourage it! For religions, theocracy rules over the people – however softly or however viciously as is needed. This is a historical flat fact! So, believers, are we #inhisimage #inhislikeness or are we #underhiseye – which is it? If it is the former, then religion must stay out of societal governmental politics! #Resist the insidiousness of proselytizing religions – for, by their inherent ideological nature, they inspire good people to divisive and hateful us-versus-them good-versus-evil behaviors, without even knowing it!

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