The Many Festivals Of Winter Light!

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It’s that holiday time of year again. So, … Happy Festivus! Joyous Kwanzaa! Happy HumanLight Celebration! … Happy Holidays this weekend, and all next week!

Thank human creativity for these secular holiday alternatives! Variety and difference are the beautiful mixed spice of life. Do you have a festive holiday to help #maga?

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———– And since this next history post was too important to miss ————-

“For most of its history, the Christian church regarded Christmas as a small event on its calendar not requiring much observation. Puritans in England and later the American colonies went one step further, banning the holiday altogether since they could find no biblical support for celebrating the day.”

I’ve heard of that story. Where an invisible all powerful God impregnates a vulnerable human woman without her consent, thus turning her into a childbearing adulteress, seeing how her husband was unaware and did not give consent, either. All for some grand purpose of rescuing from sin the very humans He created with the gift of choice, and their sin being having made the choice not to obey the first and only command given to them by this God. I find the story itself suspicious, the spreading of it highly questionable, and the yearly celebration of it rather offensive. But, if it’s your thang: Happy Holidays to you, never the less!

In Trumpian style, #maga and #inhisimage for all who are feeling religiously persecuted by Santa and his reindeer!

The profane origins of ‘Merry Christmas’
As the historian Stephen Nissenbaum has explained, the Puritans imposed fines on anyone caught celebrating and designated Christmas as a working day. In this setting, “Merry Christmas” was born. What the church could not contain, capitalism co-opted. As retailers, authors and artists in the 19th century invented a holiday of conspicuous consumption and family-centered celebrations, “Merry Christmas” became the favored slogan to sell the day.

Note: To those who are offended by this post, allow me to say as an outside observer that I am only informatively pointing out the obvious that we outsiders see. One wonders why any woman would support this theology, which is founded on the immorality of rape. Unless, you truly believe that women are the property of males to be used as desired and without her consent – to include invisible male deities looking to sire a demigod for some questionable purpose. It is like many mythical stories written before it that sees the rape of women as okay. After all, they were taken from man, right?

————- Now, to be only fair, since some of us have Jewish history ————-

(my post from 6 days ago)

Chanukah historically had nothing to do with miracles. It was a fundamentalist religious revolt against the Hellenization of Jewish society by the Seleucid Empire – think Antiochus IV Epiphanes. This Maccabean family revolt led to a brief period of political and national Independence for Israel, now ruled by Maccabeans, and a massive slaughter of Israelis who had supported Hellenization progress. Oh, yes, and led to the beginning of a new Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, which the Rabbis slowly developed into the winter holiday of light and hope that we experience today.

The Rabbis achieved this holiday miracle by a serious “white-washing” of actual Jewish history, by replacing it with a mythical history on par with biblical myths – about the righteous Maccabeans and a temple lamp of oil that burns for eight days. But, this is the nature of all societies, to reinvent history into a myth about one’s society to teach to the generations to come. For growth and honesty, though, both real and fictive history needs to be taught, so we are shown the truth and inspired to improve ourselves in knowledge. Chanukah sameach, everyone!

The Astonishing Real Story of Hanukkah
Surprise: It has nothing to do with a miraculous oil supply.

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  1. Laat je deze winter betoveren! Remember,…

    Solstice is the actual reason for the season. It always has been, and it always will be. Happy winter festivals of light and community gathering, everyone!

    #MAGA through pointing out the fallacy of “alternative facts” and re-envisioned history. The evidence-based facts are there for the learning, folks. One just has to look and question everything!
    Vandaag weer gezellig en sfeervol winkelen

  2. Today, we have reached the middle of the lunar month. It’s the full moon, everybody!

    For those with the clear skies in which to see it – enjoy, for this full moon is larger than usual.

    (Human calendars have nothing on Nature’s space-time signs and wonders!)

  3. Proof that #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange is real and disrupting all the patterns. It’s cold as f–k out here! It shouldn’t be cold as f–k out here. This is the desert! It’s supposed to be hot as f–k out here. It’s worse this year, than last. What the f–k is going on?!

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