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Let That Bible Interpretation Nonsense Go!

Dec 31, 2017 | | 3 comments

Let’s get something very clear, folks: In “biblical times” women were property – the property of males to marry off in exchange for money, family alliances, and for the purpose of bearing children to men. Polygyny, a man marrying as many women as he desires and can afford, was the social norm back then. As […more]

“Concede” Is Never A Religious Word!

Dec 28, 2017 | | 5 comments

Since the rise and spread of Christianity in 4th CE and Islam in 7th CE, the world has not been safe for those who are different. Jews were the first to be persecuted and thrown into Ghettos, sometimes killed off. Then, even more virulently, followed by humans considered to be “black”. With both proselytizing religions, […more]

The Jewish-Arab Conflict Turned Religious By Christians and Muslims

Dec 25, 2017 | | 6 comments

“This (Jerusalem) recognition alters the nature of the conflict from an Israeli-Palestinian issue to a grand conflict between Jews and Muslims.” – Liaquat Ali Khan, 25 Dec 2017 … Exactly! Only Jews and Arabs, together, have a historical ancestral connection to Israel. Christians and Muslims are appropriating this and inciting violence! Here are three simple […more]

The Many Festivals Of Winter Light!

Dec 23, 2017 | | 3 comments

It’s that holiday time of year again. So, … Happy Festivus! Joyous Kwanzaa! Happy HumanLight Celebration! … Happy Holidays this weekend, and all next week! Thank human creativity for these secular holiday alternatives! Variety and difference are the beautiful mixed spice of life. Do you have a festive holiday to help #maga? #Festivus #Kwanzaa #HumanLight […more]

Capitalism And Socialism Are Not Opposites

Dec 21, 2017 | | 2 comments

Are you under the belief that the founders of the United States did not think about socialism? Though the term socialism wasn’t coined until 1817, if I recall the date, by Henri de Saint-Simon, who in his early years took part in the siege of Yorktown under General Washington, the concepts of democratic socialism was […more]

Do We Really Need Career Politicians?

Dec 20, 2017 | | 4 comments

“Both Thomas Jefferson[9] and George Mason[10] advised limits on reelection to the Senate and to the Presidency, because said Mason, “nothing is so essential to the preservation of a Republican government as a periodic rotation”. The historian Mercy Otis Warren, warned that “there is no provision for a rotation, nor anything to prevent the perpetuity […more]

This Is A Banana, Not An Apple!

Dec 17, 2017 | | 4 comments

This is a banana. You can call it an apple all you want, but it is still a banana. Even if you manage to convince a few million that it is an apple, it’s still a banana. Facts don’t change because of belief, and facts matter. Here’s a fact: You can convince the human primate […more]

Look, Folks, Wages And Taxes Are Separate Things!

Dec 15, 2017 | | 3 comments

If you really think that giving rich people tax relief is going to, in turn, encourage the wealthy to pay higher hourly wages to their workers, then you are an ignorant fool. The economics of capitalism do not work this way, and never have. Any saved from taxation profits for the rich will go, as […more]

With Alabama, We May Have Avoided Being “Under His Eye”

Dec 13, 2017 | | 3 comments

Yesterday, Doug Jones clearly won the Alabama Senate seat in a historic upset, and Roy Moore refused to concede the race – citing bible scriptures, faith in “God”‘s impending actions, and by threatening a recount of the votes. The politically radicalized evangelical Christians of this nation really do not understand that the Bible is not […more]


Dec 11, 2017 | | 7 comments

Bent u hier alleen? Nee, mijn vrouw en mijn man is ook hier. En daar zijn mijn drie kinderen. Ik ben vertaler. Dat is zeer goed. #eerlijkheid I fully believe in honesty, like you see in the conversation above. I also fully agree with their marriage arrangement! Things are always more balanced in numbers of […more]