Would You Believe An American Preacher Said This?!

Sep 29, 2017 | | 3 comments

A U.S. mega-church preacher’s recent sermon to his flock: “Trump is the embodiment of Christ. He is Divinity manifesting itself as Trump. When you say God or God’s love it means Trump and the great love Trump has for his children. It is all about following God (Trump), Family if we believe in Trump it means they are gods children in Trump because they have received him into their hearts, then Country because Trump is god and we are his children he loves his own and this is Trump’s country and he watches over his children in his country. The duty of those who follow Trump is to drive the ungodly out of his nation (aka non believers in Trump). Trump’s tweets are tweets from God to his followers.”

How do you feel knowing preachers in this nation are complicit in the rise of Trumpism? Historically, the bold secular Enlightenment Era rejection of this kind of ideology is exactly what led to the French and American revolutions, and the creation of the United States. The rise of Trump is now our American version of the rise of the British monarch backed and essentially deified by the Church of England. Like most of our nation’s Founders, European Enlightenment rejected this Christian idol worship in favor of religious Deism and the Scientific Revolution.

Freedom from colonial taxation and the pursuit of the scientific method of understanding life, embracing religious Deism and codifying complete separation of church and state, is the foundation the United States and our constitution is built upon.

I stand with the Founders of this U.S. nation, all human perceived gods, including present day’s generic all-encompassing ‘God’, are FAKE GODS (as Thomas Paine would emphasize it). It is humans, we human primates, that create all the suffering and good we are experiencing in this world, with a little help from indifferent nature and un/luck. It would do us immense good as a species to stop blaming our behaviors on the influence of imaginary beings, for absolving us from responsibility for our own actions solves and improves nothing.

“When a 2,700-year-old book that was written by uneducated, pre-scientific people, subject to translation innumerable times, and edited with political and economic pressures from popes and kings, is given higher intellectual authority than facts arrived at from a rigorous, self-critical, constantly re-evaluating system that can and does correct mistakes, no amount of understanding, respect or evidence is going to change their minds and assuage their fears. Do you know what does change the beliefs of fundamentalists, sometimes? When something becomes personal.” – Forsetti’s Justice, a writer born and raised in rural Christian white America.

“We are free humans! We do not enslave our minds by believing in the false Gods and promises of human religions. We do not enslave our minds by having allegiance to political ideology and political parties. We do not enslave our minds by rallying behind tribalist nationalism and the false hope of the rich taking care of the working class. All of these are the fictive religions of human making. We are free humans! We stand together throughout this world on our own undeniable urge for democratic freedom, self-determination, and ethical living. We understand that this world is what we make it, and it is our actions – not beliefs – that create the world our children are to inherit.” – Joseph T Farkasdi

#Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
#Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.
#BlackLivesMatter #LGBTQ #NativeAmericanLivesMatter

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  1. More than ever now, we need to be aware of this! Because, freedom of thought is the ‘evil work of a devil’ according to the religions of theism, nationalism, and hijacked humanism. Welcome to Freethought Month, everybody (October 1-31)! Learn more about it.

    #FreethoughtMonth #SecularHolidays This nation was founded on #SeparationofChurchandState!

    From 1845 to 1861, large numbers of Freethinkers from Germany settled in the Texas hill country, founding several communities that were often without churches and other influences of organized religion. Modern-day freethinkers in Texas celebrate this heritage by organizing Freethought Festivals and they have also worked very hard to erect a permanent cenotaph commemorating the German settlers of yesteryear.

    Let’s get the #NationalPopularVote in place before #Trump #TrumpPence 2020!
    #Resist #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.
    The United States desperately needs #TruthandReconciliation and #SocialJustice starting today!

  2. We lost our moral footing as a nation with #SandyHook, with the senseless and preventable deaths of children and teachers. The #NRA is like a drug-pusher, the only difference is their drugs are guns, bullets, and rhetoric. The #2ndAmendment right to gun ownership when enacted came with the price of mandatory state Militia service, gun regulations, and no federal/national army. The greatest threat of mass public shootings and deaths in the United States has always been white men, influenced by the bible and flag waving gun-toting culture – a culture obsessed with revisionist history and white supremacist fears. I have little faith that this active shooting in #LasVegas is going to wake the minds of public and politicians. And, this is very sad.

    Let’s get the #NationalPopularVote in place before #Trump #TrumpPence 2020!
    #Resist #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.
    The United States desperately needs #TruthandReconciliation and #SocialJustice starting today!

  3. Spent a lot of time today watching we human primates mingle in a natural habitat. From old to young, in all our ‘racial’ varieties, having fun talking, cheering, and playing. Only one woman of our primate species was full of hate, towards her daughter, for not living up to her (white) expectation of being the best. This was really sad, but everyone else showed me just how ‘one’ we can be as humans, when we step away from the divisive fictions – politics, religion, and nationalism – that we’re making such a mess of our world with.

    #alllivesmatter when we realize that we are all the same human primate species, that we are all one family. #maga depends upon this!
    Because we all need to learn this, #inhisimage #inhislikeness .

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