It’s Called Systemic Institutionalized Racism

Jun 16, 2017 | | 5 comments

#BlackLivesMatter citizens of the United States. How long before #TruthandReconciliation happens?

“Police officers are seldom charged for fatal on-duty shootings and convictions are even less common. Castile’s death came at a time of intense scrutiny on fatal shootings by police, and the viral video of his final moments spurred heated demonstrations that continued for weeks.”

It’s called systemic institutionalized racism, brought on by four hundred years of white society indifference to the history of blacks in America.

Minn. officer acquitted of manslaughter for shooting Philando Castile during traffic stop
The Minnesota police officer who fatally shot Philando Castile during a traffic stop was acquitted on all charges by a jury Friday.
Officer Jeronimo Yanez pulled Castile’s car over in Falcon Heights, a suburb near Minneapolis and St. Paul, and the officer later said he thought Castile matched the description of a suspect in a robbery. The stop quickly escalated.
Yanez fired into the car, saying later he thought Castile was going for his gun, a claim Castile’s girlfriend, sitting in the seat next to him, disputed.


It is time for #TruthandReconciliation in the United States of America. It’s time to end legalized murder.

Wake up, see “the NRA. The group’s most fiercely held belief is supposed to be that law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be burdened — let alone killed in cold blood — by repressive agents of the government just because they want to protect themselves and exercise their Second Amendment rights. Castile should be a martyr for the NRA, while Yanez — who reached for the holster of his service weapon as soon as Castile mentioned he was armed (legally permitted to carry) — should be its bogeyman. It feels banal to even say it out loud: If Castile had been white instead of black, the NRA would have been rallying behind him and his family since the moment of his death, and fundraising off his memory for the rest of time.”

Philando Castile Should Be the NRA’s Perfect Cause Célèbre. There’s Just One Problem.
Philando Castile received his permit to carry a firearm from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office on June 4, 2015. A year later, Castile had a gun in his pocket when a Minnesota police officer named Jeronimo Yanez pulled him over and shot him dead. According to dashcam footage, Yanez decided to open fire after Castile told him, truthfully and calmly, that he had a gun on him. During a three-week-long trial that ended Friday in an acquittal, Yanez testified that he shot Castile because he believed Castile was reaching for his weapon and therefore presented an imminent threat to the officer’s life.
The jury’s decision to acquit Yanez, who had been charged with second-degree manslaughter and dangerous discharge of a firearm, left Castile’s loved ones angry and heartbroken, sparked a 1,500-person protest in St. Paul, and provoked a profound outpouring of grief on social media.
Staying conspicuously silent on the Yanez verdict so far is an organization that can typically be counted on to offer extreme and uncompromising advocacy on behalf of licensed American gun owners: the National Rifle Association.


#PhilandoCastile #NRA #BlackLivesMatter
#Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
#Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

America in one picture. #Hypocrisy #WeSeeYou – Urban Intellectuals, June 16 #ColinKaepernick #WhiteFragility #Resist

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  1. Fight the (fundamentalist) system, kids! – “We’re not allowed to wear shorts, and I’m not sitting in trousers all day — it’s a bit hot,” one of the boys told BBC News.

    Amid an intense heat wave, dozens of British schoolboys went to class wearing girls’ uniform skirts when the head teacher would not relax a dress code banning the more suitable option: shorts.

    It’s so hot in England, schoolboys are wearing skirts
    The teenage boys at Isca Academy in Exeter argued it was too hot for pants as temperatures approached 90 degrees Wednesday. Dozens of boys, who borrowed uniform skirts from female friends and sisters, planned to go to class Thursday sporting a new look in protest of the school’s ‘no shorts’ policy.
    These British boys, it seems, are not the only ones to think up such a novel idea.
    In Nantes, France, some male bus drivers showed off similar feminine attire this week to protest the bus company’s ‘no shorts’ policy, arguing pants were too hot during the heat wave, according to the Local.

    #England #IscaAcademy
    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

  2. This evening is the New Moon – the beginning of the naturally occurring next lunar month. This evening also begins the human invented “taking-rest” day – that is otherwise known as the weekend. Welcome to the new month, and have a great day of rest!

    With this said, … one more thought: “You’re telling me that the future is predetermined, but I have always believed that the future is what you make it,” said Carter to the Seer. “Perhaps both are true. Perhaps the future is predetermined by the character of those who shape it,” the Seer responds. #SGA S4E8

    We don’t actually have free will on a conscious level, so shows the evidence of modern neuroscience. But, we do definitely play a part in forming the collective future, based upon how we ultimately participate in this forming at an unconscious level. This includes our making choices before we are even aware of them. And the ultimate revealing of what is to be the present is a balance of our “characters” mixed with random chance and sheer luck (or unluck, for some).

    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

  3. Now, this is tragedy. Life itself cares not about our piety of faith and belief. Instead, life only responds to our actions … and what results is deemed lucky or unlucky. This is a whole lot of unlucky this day. What can we “do” as humans to better prevent needless suffering and tragedy?

    Pakistan oil truck flips, erupts in flames, killing more than 120 who rushed to collect leaking fuel
    Rizwan Naseer, the head of the Punjab province’s rescue services, said 122 people were killed and 76 were wounded, with many suffering serious burns.
    Residents were told of the leaking fuel over a loudspeaker atop the local mosque, said Rana Mohammad Salim, deputy commissioner of Bahawalpur, near where the truck overturned.
    The tanker truck flipped over on the national highway about 60 miles southwest of Multan. The truck was driving from the southern port city of Karachi to Lahore, the Punjab provincial capital, when the driver lost control and crashed.

    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

  4. “You know it’s the greatest privilege of my life to serve as vice president for a president who gets up every day to keep the promises he made to the American people.” – Vice President Mike Pence, June 30, 2017

    First of all, Trump is illegitimately-elected. So, how can he be “President”? Besides this obvious fact, it is just amazing the daily white Savior worship this evangelical Christian politician bestows upon that #Trump guy!

    Thomas Jefferson, “In every country and in every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty. He is always in alliance with the despot, abetting his abuses in return for protection to his own.” – in a letter to Horatio G. Spafford, March 17, 1814

    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

  5. Have you watch this series? In response to the many comments, the 25th Dynasty of Egypt was ruled by the Kushite Empire, yes. But, for education sake, the ancient Egyptian people were genetically from the Levant. It is no small thing to speak of the need for historical honesty and the importance of bringing education to the public on other ancient African civilizations, like the “Nubian” Kingdom of Kush that reigned beside Egypt for over a thousand years, and their notable contribution and impact upon world history. … For those doubting the Levant origins of Egypt, a source follows:

    “In a study published May 30 in the journal Nature Communications, scientists looked at DNA from 151 mummified Egyptians, which were entombed from about 1400 B.C. to just after 400 A.D., in the Roman period. They found that the genetic material within the mummies was more similar to ancient peoples of the Near East and the Levant (an area of the eastern Mediterranean including Israel and Palestine) than it is to modern Egyptians… The study also shows genetic linkage between ancient Egyptians and Neolithic peoples from modern-day Turkey and Europe, Schuenemann says,” which explains the Egyptians lighter skin pigmentation. “The study also suggests that gene flow from Sub-Saharan Africa to Egypt has significantly picked up in the last 1,500 years, likely facilitated by the slave trade, which began early in this time period.” – Egyptian Mummy DNA Study Suggests Close Ties With Middle East, Europe –

    Lost Kingdoms of Africa 1 of 4 Nubia
    Art historian Gus Casely-Hayford explores the history of the old African kingdom of Nubia.

    “To describe ancient Egyptians as either “white” or “black” is inaccurate — they were of varying complexions and features. Scientific testing indicates that, just as today, they ranged from the light Mediterranean type to the darkest shade of brown around Aswan and farther south into Nubia. The likely mixing with neighbors due to intermarriage and political alliances created a heterogeneous population. Egypt’s relationships with its neighbors were also based on political concerns, not race or ethnicity.” – NGM

    There we go, historical honesty and accuracy. Even though it seems unavoidable at the moment, it does us no good as a nation, or as ethnicities, to divide ourselves between two extreme and diametrically opposite views that are *both* historically and scientifically inaccurate. Regardless the reasons, it does no one any good to mis-appropriate the culture of another as being actually your culture, and then say that this so-called “fact” is being deliberately covered up. Ancient Egypt was not a white or black civilization, period! It was a civilization built and ruled, for most of their dynasties, by people who migrated from the Levant. The Levant is the area we now refer to as the Eastern Mediterranean – specifically the Arab-Israeli-Palestinian lands. But, despite the many matches in culturalisms between Judah-Israel and Egypt, the ancient Egyptians weren’t specifically Jewish or Arab, either. They were Egyptians! Egyptians that had migrated to the Nile area from the Levant (and, through, Neolithic peoples, a bit from what we now know as Turkey and Europe).

    “Ancient Egyptians didn’t think in terms of race as we do today. While the Egyptians regularly differentiated themselves from foreigners living around them, they did so in political and cultural terms rather than in racial ones. Foreigners were labeled by their regional or political names, and they were always depicted with distinctive features and dress. Though artwork did differentiate among populations by color, the distinction seems to have been merely descriptive, with no preference ascribed to any particular skin tone.” – Black Pharaohs, Afrocentrism, National Geographic –

    #Kush #LostKingdomsofAfrica #BBC #DNA #Egyptian #Israel #Palestine #Levant #Egypt #Africa #Nature
    #Resist #Indivisible #BlackLivesMatter #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.
    It’s time for #TruthandReconciliation in the United States!

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