Ĉiuj lingvoj estas “farita-supren”! – All languages are made-up!

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Ĉiuj lingvoj estas “farita-supren”, kio signifas ke ili estas ĉiuj “konstruita”. La sola diferenco inter Esperanto kaj ĉiuj aliaj lingvoj de la planedo estas: Esperanto estas desegnita por esti logika, efika kaj simpla. Ĉiuj aliaj lingvoj pli malpli hazarde evoluis tra la tempo, konstruado nova sur la complejidades de la lingvoj de la pasinteco. Ili, ankaŭ, estas inventita lingvoj – ĉiu homa lingvo sur ĉi tiu planedo – signifas “farita-supren” aŭ “konstruita” fare de homoj. Esperanto estas vivanta lingvo kiu estas parolata de plurlingva homoj ĉirkaŭ la mondo, kaj havas denaskuloj kiuj kreskis parolante Esperanton kiel unuan lingvon. Estis elpensita de rusa judo vivanta en Pollando fine de 1800 kiel “universala lingvo”, ke iu ajn povas lerni rapide kaj diru al ponto la kulturaj dividas de etneco kaj nacieco. Esperanto estas lingvo, kiu alvenis antaŭ lia tempo. Kial lerni Esperanton? La respondo estas: Estas la plej facila lingvo por majstri kaj gajni konfidon en kaj, kiam oni havas mastron la plej facila unu, ĝi estas pli facile lerni ajna alia aldonan lingvoj sur la planedo. La kapabloj de multi-lingvolernado nun starigis en movado. Donu Esperanton honesta ses monato provo, antaŭ kritiki ĝin por esti “farita-supren”. La lingvo(j) vi parolas estas “farita-supren” de homoj, ankaŭ. Ĉiuj lingvoj estas.

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All languages are “made-up”, meaning they are all “constructed”. The only difference between Esperanto and all other languages of the planet is: Esperanto is designed to be logical, efficient, and simple. All other languages have more or less haphazardly evolved over time, building new upon the complexities of the languages of the past. They, too, are invented languages – every human language on this planet – meaning “made-up” or “constructed” by humans. Esperanto is a living language that is spoken by multi-lingual people around the world, and has native speakers who grew up speaking Esperanto as a first language. It was invented by a Russian Jew living in Poland in the late 1800’s as a “universal language” that anyone can learn quickly and speak to bridge the cultural divides of ethnicity and nationality. Esperanto is a language that arrived before its time. Why learn Esperanto? The answer is: It is the easiest language to master and gain confidence in and, once you’ve master the easiest one, it’s easier to learn any other additional languages on the planet. The skills of multi-language learning are now set in motion. Give Esperanto an honest six month try, before criticizing it for being “made up”. The language(s) you speak is “made up” by humans, too. All languages are.

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  1. Judaism as an ethno-religion was not always monotheistic, and to say such is to be willfully ahistorical. Judaism slowly evolved from its original polytheistic form to a henotheistic form and, ultimately, into a modern monotheistic form over a period of 1,500 years (1200 BCE to 300 CE).

    It began with pre-monarchical/monarchical polytheistic Judaism (1200 BCE to 600 BCE) – which reverenced the gods Yahweh, El, Baal, and the goddess Asherah, and brought us the myths of the Garden of Eden, Noah and the flood, Avraham and his family gods, the escape from Egyptian slavery, and wandering in the desert.

    Then arose the temple theocracy henotheistic form (700 BCE to 70 CE) – which reverenced Yahweh as a formless Elohim that is superior to all the gods and goddesses of the local pantheons (the highest “creator” god), and introduced us to the myths of the Six Days of Creation, the lineage of the ancient patriarchs between Adam and Avraham, and the priestly seven day calendar and religious laws.

    From this evovlving Jewish heritage we now have the rise of the present rabbinical monotheistic form of Judaism (300 BCE to present) – which reverences Yahweh Elohim as the only existing one true “creator” god and all other names for “God” are referencing this not directly knowable and utterly formless Yahweh Elohim, and has brought us the first complete Hebrew “Bible” redaction, the written Talmud and the Mishnah, and all the present religio-cultural observances/laws and theology that we are so familiar with today.

    #Judaism #History #Ancient #Polytheistic #Henotheistic #Monotheistic
    because they need to learn, too – #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

  2. #BlackLivesMatter still, America, even during the temporary presidency of Trump.

    #JordanEdwards #Dallas #BalchSprings #Texas

    Texas teen Jordan Edwards was shot dead by officer
    A suburban Dallas police chief acknowledged Monday that an officer who fatally shot a black 15-year-old in a moving vehicle fired as the car was driving away — not as it reversed toward officers, as the department had previously asserted.
    Balch Springs Police Chief Jonathan Haber told reporters that police video contradicted his department’s original statement about the Saturday night shooting of Jordan Edwards.

  3. Folks, more elections are arriving soon. Mark them on your calendars now! If you’re not liking what’s going on, then get out and vote. Make your constituency known. Add this to any protests and town halls you’re doing. There is more power in voting in state elections, than there is in voting in presidential elections.

    Use your citizen power and use your state elections to vote out the partisan rubber-stampers in the U.S. Senate and House! Make seats for representatives who actually know who they work for, you the citizen, and will act on what “We the People” want for our states and nation. Get ready for it, organize with others, and vote earlier in places that you can.

    #AHCA #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch And let’s get the #NationalPopularVote initiative in place before 2020, support it in your State!

  4. Shavuot is a minor, ancient pilgrimage festival that marked the harvest of barley. Shavuot literally means “weeks,” so named because the festival is exactly seven weeks (plus one day) from the second night of Pesach. It is also called Festival of First Fruits, Hag HaBikkurim, and the Feast of Weeks. In rabbinic times, the ancient agricultural feasts were recreated into festivals marking the anniversary of significant legendary events in the life of the people, and the festival became the anniversary of the giving of the Torah at Sinai. For Humanistic Jews, Shavuot is a wonderful day for picnics with fresh loaves of challa and is also a time to honor educational achievement.

    Shavuot has just a few special rituals. In modern Israel, some kibbutzim have tried to revive some of the harvest ceremonies. In the synagogue, it is customary to read the Book of Ruth on Shavuot. It is customary in some congregations to decorate the synagogue with plants and flowers. It is also customary to eat dairy products in the home on Shavuot. In some communities triangular pancakes stuffed with meat or cheese are eaten because the Hebrew Bible has three parts (Torah, Prophets, and Writings). Also, in modern times Shavuot has become a day for confirmation ceremonies and religious school graduations.

    B’rukhim hamotziim lehem min haaretz.
    Blessed are those who bring forth bread from the earth.

    #Shavuot #Pesach #Israel #Jewish #Humanistic #SHJ

  5. Food Safety Alert! Anyone who has not been vaccinated for Hepatitis A and has eaten imported yellowfin tuna in the past two weeks — especially if they live in California, Oklahoma, New York or Texas — should consider getting a post-exposure prophylactic shot for the virus. In California, Oklahoma and Texas the recalled tuna not only went to grocery stores and restaurants, it also went to distributors, including Sysco, which is the largest foodservice supplier in the United States. Sysco’s customers include restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities, hotels and other foodservice and hospitality businesses.

    Hepatitis A found in tuna; time limited for post-exposure shots

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