There Is No Planet B! I Say Again, Humans of Earth …

Apr 22, 2017 | | 5 comments

“Why people (and scientists, themselves) are marching for science (this weekend): There is no Planet B.” – Washington Post

Uh, yeah. We might want to get that into our collective heads, yes? Nature does not care about our ignorance any more than our brillance, and no “God” is going to save us from our own self-made destruction. Nature will ultimately decide our fate as a primate species upon this planet. But, it would be nice to know that the next few generations actually have chance at life, and a decent one at that, wouldn’t it? For the children, then!

#EarthDay #MarchforScience #climatechange
#maga through rational evidence-based learning and action

March for Science Demonstrations Held Worldwide on Earth Day
Crowds massed in the US capital and around the world Saturday to support science and evidence-based research — a protest partly fueled by opposition to President Donald Trump’s threats of budget cuts to agencies funding scientists’ work.
At the main March for Science, demonstrators gathered at Washington’s National Mall to hear speakers laud science as the force moving humanity forward, and rail against policymakers they say are ignoring fact and research in areas including climate change.

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  1. For Yom HaShoah this year, “The plays describe women who joined the underground, spoke out and fought against the Nazis, despite the perils involved. With “resist” on the lips of many in the U.S., the theme is particularly appropriate” given the resurgence of white supremacist nationalism and anti-Semitic/Muslim attitudes in Europe and America.

    #YomHaShoah #HolocaustRemembrance #Jewish #WorldWarII
    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

    Recognizing Yom HaShoah with Women, Theater and Resistance to the Holocaust
    For Yom HaShoah this year, Remember the Women Institute is focusing on “Women and the Resistance in the Holocaust” with readings of four theatrical works at the Center for Jewish History in New York, in conjunction with the American Jewish Historical Society on April 26.
    To make the stories of women’s experiences in the Holocaust more visible, an online publication, “Women, Theatre and the Holocaust,” contains hundreds of entries and descriptions of plays by women and plays about women over the past seven decades. The guide, prepared by Saidel and Karen Shulman, is releasing its third edition for free download this week. The 100-plus page guide includes descriptions of 148 plays by women about the Holocaust and 167 about women and the Holocaust (some overlap, of course). The guide also includes six essays on women, theater and the Holocaust, a bibliography and a lesson guide for teachers.

    Remember the Women Institute has launched a new second edition of the Women, Theatre, and the Holocaust, that we first published in 2015. The new edition, with added material, is available as a free, downloadable PDF.

    Six million Jews, two-thirds of European Jewry, were murdered by the Nazis and their accomplices during World War Two. In many cases entire towns’ Jewish populations were wiped out, with no survivors to bear witness – part of the Nazis’ plan for the total annihilation of European Jewry. Since 1954, Israel’s Holocaust memorial, Yad Vashem (“A Memorial and a Name”), has been working to recover the names of all the victims, and to date has managed to identify some 4.7 million. –

  2. The Quick Historical Facts About Our United States Founders: 1 was Black, and 1 was a woman. 9 were college educated, and 1 was a school teacher. 5 were lawyers, 6 were politicians, and 2 were scientists. 4 were born wealthy, 3 were multi-lingual, and 1 was clergy. 4 were writers, and 1 was a journalist. 8 were abolitionists (against slavery), and 4 were slave owners. 3 were immigrants from Europe, and 12 were American born. 4 were Deist, 2 were devoutly anti-clerical Deist, 2 were Unitarian, 1 was a religious apostate, 1 was a religious rationalist (Enlightenment), 1 was a religious liberal, 1 was a professor of religion, 1 was a Puritan nationalist, 1 was a civil-rights Methodist, and 1 was a devout Protestant nationalist. The last one was the only Founder to believe the United States is a “Christian nation”, and all the other Founders espoused the United States as a people-ruled “Republic” that is not bound to any one particular religion. Oh, yes, in the spirit of historical honesty, and 1 was a rapist, despite all the progressive egalitarianism he added with others to our nation’s founding documents. – Learn the facts, for facts do in fact matter! We are “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    No misattributed or spurious quotes. All shared statements actually made by the Founders of this United States of America. Learn about them and what they actually believed!

    #FoundingFather #FoundingMother #UnitedStates

    Discover What Our U.S. Founders Actually Believed
    With this page, it is my intent to share significant quotes and short biographies of most of our nation’s Founders. Below, I share the history and beliefs of the fifteen U.S. Founders who most influenced constitutional structure and ideology for the United States of America during its founding.

    What is not being properly taught to students in the 20th and 21st centuries is that the 18th century Founders of the United States of America were fighting on two fronts. The first front was their fight against Britain for Colonial America’s national independence. The second front was their fight against the socially entrenched systemic slave-economy that existed within Colonial America, now turned independent nation of the United States as of hard won independence. What is most missed in history is the whole and complete facts about the Founders and their actual historically demonstrable beliefs, and about the easily verifiable history of and between these two nations.

    #maga #inhisimage #GOP
    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #NotAChristianNation
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.
    #Whitelivesmatter will only have meaning as soon as #TruthandReconciliation and #SocialJustice is embraced by white society across this nation. Get to know those who are not “white”!

  3. There’s a new official motto for the United States, established in 1956: “In God We Trust”. But, since “God” is a generic religious word that merely represents a theistic creative/law-and-order power, it must be asked: In whose god do we trust? Of all the names of gods and goddesses used by humans, which ones are we to invoke? Are all the gods and goddesses really references to one “true” god? If so, then, by whose bible do we define this “God”? What about those, like a few of our nation’s founders, who do not have belief in gods? Is there an atheist “God” in which the non-religious are to “Trust”?

    If we are, as citizens, to take this recently established national motto seriously, then this generic “God” must be defined further. If it is true that citizens of this nation have “Trust” in “God”, as the 1956 Christian-established national motto suggests, then is this “God” Brahman, or Allah, or Yahweh (Jehovah), or is it Jesus Christ, or some lesser known deity of native tribal tradition? If there is not a “God” that all or most of the citizens of this pluralistic secular nation can agree upon, then isn’t this national motto more of a joke, than anything else?

    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

    The 2nd Amendment calls for a military of citizens through state militias, to be called upon in times of national threat from abroad or from within. The founders of this nation were fearful of a “standing militia”, a federal military, and wary of starting wars. So, the right of citizens to own a weapon in the United States comes with the price of being called to national military service through a state militia. Hence, the 2nd Amendment. And, hence why guns and accouterments and mandatory registration in a state militia were regulated back in the 18th century. America’s obsession with gun proliferation is an ultra-liberal NRA ideology that pushes for the profits of gun manufacturers at the expense of citizens’ lives in the United States. The NRA position on the 2nd Amendment is not actually a conservative stance. And, it has cost us more than just lives, but our sense of safety, too. And, what has it gotten us? What?

    #NRA #2ndAmendment #Trump #Constitutionalism #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    because they need to learn, too – #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

  4. When will the legitimate 45th #POTUS, #FLOTUS, and #VPOTUS be sworn in, so we can have some actual governance occurring in the United States? It’s been months since the departure of the legitimately elected 44th president, and even longer since the U.S. voting population chose candidate Clinton for president. How long will the present bad joke for a presidency be allowed to continue? Seriously! And at what price to our nation? #Trump is #NotOurPresident – not in 2016, and not in 2017-2020! Support the #NationalPopularVote in your state today.

    #Resist #ResistTrump #Indivisible #UnitedWeStand #WomensMarch #NationalPopularVote #maga #inhisimage #inhislikeness
    #Alllivesmatter in the United States when America begins to fully embrace its history and its constitution, and when #WhitePrivilege ceases to have meaning in U.S. society.

    Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote
    The shortcomings of the current system of electing the President stem from state winner-take-all statutes (i.e., state laws that award all of a state’s electoral votes to the candidate receiving the most popular votes in each separate state). Because of these state winner-take-all statutes, presidential candidates have no reason to pay attention to the issues of concern to voters in states where the statewide outcome is a foregone conclusion.

  5. All languages are “made-up”, meaning they are all “constructed”. The only difference between Esperanto and all other languages of the planet is: Esperanto is designed to be logical, efficient, and simple. All other languages have more or less haphazardly evolved over time, building new upon the complexities of the languages of the past. They, too, are invented languages – every human language on this planet – meaning “made-up” or “constructed” by humans. Esperanto is a living language that is spoken by multi-lingual people around the world, and has native speakers who grew up speaking Esperanto as a first language. It was invented by a Russian Jew living in Poland in the late 1800’s as a “universal language” that anyone can learn quickly and speak to bridge the cultural divides of ethnicity and nationality. Esperanto is a language that arrived before its time. Why learn Esperanto? The answer is: It is the easiest language to master and gain confidence in and, once you’ve master the easiest one, it’s easier to learn any other additional languages on the planet. The skills of multi-language learning are now set in motion. Give Esperanto an honest six month try, before criticizing it for being “made up”. The language(s) you speak is “made up” by humans, too. All languages are.

    #esperanto #esperantolives

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