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The Truth About The Tooth Fairy

May 17, 2015 | | Say something

My daughter just recently lost another tooth, and she has taken towards the fun game of reason in the face of denial, just like her brother before her. Specifically, her ability to reason, even though I am denying. It pleases me to know that she and he can reason and know the truth, even be […more]

Amygdala Brains On The Right

May 17, 2015 | | Say something

Intriguing. Being conservative or liberal might have a brain hardwiring disposition, it seems. In making decisions regarding risk and in political leaning, conservatives uses their amygdala (also known as the primitive brain engaged in fight-or-flight decisions) while liberals use their anterior cingulate cortex (ACC, which has a direct relationship with processing decisions through the insular […more]

Walk On The Paws Of Your Feet, Not Heels!

Interesting, the timing on this article. Been back to walking on the paws of the feet again all week. The photo you see in this article is the natural way for a human to walk. As a societal species, we have forgotten this because of indoctrinating shoe wearing as early as babies. Watch babies learning […more]

We Are Not The Pinnacle Of Evolution

Listen closely to what she has to say. For our scientists are only addressing the truth: “We are not the pinnacle of evolution. We are not the determined product of billions of years of evolutionary plotting and planning. We ARE one outcome of a continuing adaptational process. We ARE residents of one small planet in […more]