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A New Civil War Is Brewing!

Mar 30, 2015 | | Say something

As I’ve said many years now, we are moving towards a new civil war. A war between rational secular reason and irrational religious fundamentalism. Legal religious discrimination of customers in public establishments, now legal discrimination of civil marriage to only those actively registered as members of recognized religious movements. This push is the much needed […more]

Why Are We Idolizing A Religious Book?

Mar 29, 2015 | | Say something

I have a troublesome question that’s been bugging me for awhile now. Why do we idolize a book that is historically inaccurate and that posits beliefs and laws that are morally questionable, requiring us to engage in apologetical exegesis to derive redeeming worth from it? Why do we not abandon such a book in favor […more]

Fascinating Ancient Historical Jewish Truths

Mar 21, 2015 | | Say something

Why write this? Because historical truths just fascinate me! Also, because I often ponder on what it must have been like living in those times, being truly clueless as to what humanity will be like in the future thousands of years after their lifespans. In Ancient BCE times, before the Levitical calendar/law institutions: There were […more]

Religion Is Curable By Science

Mar 21, 2015 | | Say something

Well, this is about time coming! It wasn’t me saying it, this time. 🙂 Religious Fundamentalism ‘May Be Categorised As Mental Illness & Cured By Science’ – Religious fundamentalism and cruelty to children may one day be treated in the same way as mental illness, a neuroscientist has speculated. Kathleen Taylor, a research […more]

Building Better Secularists Within Society

Mar 13, 2015 | | Say something

The history of secularism and secularist way of life as a societal way of life extends well back into the B.C.E. period of human history. Secularists are not inventing anything. But, like with all religious folk, re-inventing what has already been there. By far, secularists are passionate about humanistic things, peace and justice in a […more]

I Do Believe Ancestral Memory Is (Scientifically) Real

I have believed for a long time now that one’s experiences pass onto the next generation in the genes. But, there is a catch to this, which can be summed up with a simple question. Why is it that all the wisdom that we attain through life, the enlightenment of understanding, does not easily pass […more]

I fucking hate clothes!

If I owned an island, I would never ever wear clothes again! I fucking hate clothes. I always have and I always will. I am reminded of this every time I get naked. Especially, when I get naked outside. I want to be naked at all times, everywhere, privately and before others! So, why can’t […more]