“It's Human Fiction - You know this, right?”

Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi – Tsefan Josef – Joseph T Farkasdi

Someone once asked me: "Who is Joseph Tsefanyahu Farkasdi?" I had to admit to myself that I found this question odd. Not because he asked it, but because I actually thought for a brief moment that I had an answer. Then, my awareness of objective reality set in, and I once again realized that any answer to "who" is simply fiction. Maybe, the question he should have asked is "What is Joseph Farkasdi"? Either way, this is quite a question! And, to both "who" and "what", I hope to now successfully answer for you.

The short answer is this:
I am a writer, a husband, a father, a working servant, a complex individual who very few will probably understand! I am actively involved in raising the awareness of social injustice in this world caused by religious idealism and intolerance and the rise of an economic destroying corporatocracy. Take a moment to explore and learn more about me. Thanks!

Welcome to my personal thought-ful(l) place on the world wide web.

The long answer is this:

Who am I? I was given the name of Joseph after my birth, and it is the name that I identify with. I, Joseph, am a nefesh chayah, a “living being” that lives within a world of many different “living beings”. Just one, of many different species types upon the land that is giving varied life to this planet we call Earth, our home. I am a human primate, a member of the self-named Homo Sapiens species, “wise human” - the last surviving human primate species of the six that once lived upon this earth together, and not that long ago in planetary human history.

Who am I? I am a survivor, a testimony to the endurance of life, despite many challenges that could have ended my living presence upon this earth many years ago. I have survived and overcome mental illness, physical injuries, and drug addictions. I have survived cancer and an eating disorder. Much of my past history is marked by behaviors that reveal these challenges. But, I am past being ashamed of these imperfections. I am a human being, an enduring human primate, who has resiliently persevered and found personal ways to address these challenges – to tame them and overcome them. I am strong to survive, and so are you!

Who am I? I am no one specifically destined to be known by the world as important. I am only known to a few who find importance in my existence in their lives. I am fine with this! At one time, I was not – and struggled immensely with my inabilities to get socially noticed and recognized. I was wrapped up in my “I”-ism at this time. In time, I-ism has given way more and more to just “being.” For I understand now that “I” am an illusion – a constantly constructed virtual conscious “me” - created by “we” - the cellular collective that makes up my body. “I” am a result of my unconscious mind’s construction. And this is alright! I am fine with this, too! Relieved actually, in coming to understand this.

Who am I? I am a human primate fulfilling his place in the historical framework of perceived time. I live both in the objective world – the ever present self-evident existence that is around me and that is me - and I live in the fictive subjective world that we human primates – individually and collectively as social units – project upon this world as (if it is) reality (... for, to us it is!). Examples of human fictions are nationalities, cultures, religions, money, corporations, "race" differences based on predominantly looks alone (there is only one human species left upon this planet out of six that cohabitated together in not so far distant history - pre-civilization/writing history), and so forth with our subjective reality heartfelt and believed-as-real fictions.

Like all human primates, when I was born, I was born mentally absorbing the world around me, objective and subjective, needing to be cultured into consciousness. When “I” became self-conscious – aware – I patterned the world I perceived according to the limits of my genetic make-up and the socializing experiences I received from those around me. Like everyone else, this informs me of who I am.

In time, as is predictable with our species, I became a (somewhat) functioning (though struggling) adult. I have strived to do my best to balance my nature with socially determined needs, ever seeking to be a blessing when I can. Where I can't, I've been a challenge to the believed in ways of societies around me. When nature takes its course, I will cease to be a living human primate upon this planet, following the natural pattern of life that we all are a part of and subjected to as a living beings in this universe. Admittedly, though, in deep persistent conflict with the inhereted beliefs I received as a child, I admit (like many) I have struggled with this last part for many years. But, I am now fine with this, too.

Why? Because, I place trust in this objective world just as it is. I understand that it is okay. From nothing we got lucky and arrived, we experience joy and suffering for a time, and then into this endless nothingness we return. We are this nothingness, in living expression for a brief moment in time – and this is amazing and miraculous! I don't need any longer to add some kind of eschatological or metaphysical reality to it, that placates the human experience of uncertainty and unpredictability of life. It's really unnecessary and, for some (maybe, more than some these days!) it is a hinderance to personal growth and healthy development as a human Sapiens being.

Who am I? As unlikely as it seemed to be in youth, I am a husband and a Daddy, and I am both very lucky and proud to be so. I am a war veteran and well traveled around this world through this. I am non-religious and a Global Citizen. I am a layman historian and scientist. I am a natural-born skeptic with awed awareness of this reality. I am a humanist and environmentalist, believing that as a primate species we humans can evolve into a more consciously awakened and interdependent relationship with the natural world around us (of which we are intimately a part!). I am an observer, a thinker, and a writer – ever hopeful that somehow someway I send a ripple through this world of humanity in a way that inspires this human evolution and change. But, as it unfolds, I am at peace with this!

Who am I? I am a momentary blip of independent thinking life in the cosmic timeline of ever-changing life. I am no one special, beyond the significance that others find in me. I am here, and I want to share my perspective with you, assuming you are interested in experiencing this. It is up to you. Peace!

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